Monday, May 7, 2012

What's next?

Answering this question is so much easier than it was just a month ago.  I have finally procured a training facility where I can train whatever and whenever I want, which is unbelievably exciting and relieving.  I have brand new peacock blue silks to work on in a space that is not judgmental, intimidating, or competitive.  I am free to train, practice and create without interruption or a need to protect my work.  It is so freeing emotionally and artistically to have an environment that does not impinge on your creativity and I am very grateful to have access to the space.  I have begun work on a new tissu piece.  My biggest challenge with this is choosing a piece of music to accompany me so feel free to email me with suggestions.  I know what the piece will look like overall and the general sections are laid out but the music choice will inspire the final touches and the details which will make it my best one yet.

The other great answer to my question, is a new show!  I am learning a stunt show that will increase my performance skills, challenging me in new ways as an athlete and as a performer.  I am looking forward to mastering these new skills and finding out how they will add to my repertoire as an aerialist.

I also have some other potential projects in the works that I am very excited about, but since nothing is set in stone yet, I will be keeping these things to myself for now.  Just know that everything happens for a reason and the dots will connect looking backwards.

Thank you so much for all of your support and make sure to keep in touch by emailing me at:

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